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Risk of explosion, anywhere and anytime ? You need eXess explosion suppression products !

Does your company handle with flammable liquids or potentially explosive chemical substances?

We offer patented explosion suppression product made of a special aluminum alloy.

It is a proven safe solution for suppressing explosions and significantly reduce fire and smoke, making fire fighters job much more easy.

Use our products to protect lives and property.



eXess is innovative, extremely safe and environment friendly! It works round the clock, fully maintenance free!

You know: "Prevent is better than cure..." But when it comes to explosions, we say "prevent and suppress is better than cure..."

Our state-of-the-art production technology provides you with outstanding high quality product and a unique efficacy.



Advantages od eXess:
  • Low cost, high tech product
  • Maintenance free
  • Outstanding Quality "made in Germany"
  • Light weight
  • Life cycle over 15 years
  • Recyclable
  • Re-usable after an accident
  • With eXess, you can save on prevention


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